BSB 7.1 – Now Available

We are currently developing a suite of units for a range of BSB 7.1 qualifications with some units of competency now available.

What we cover:

Each Learn for Work unit of competency comprehensively covers all Elements, Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, Performance Evidence, Foundation Skills and Assessment Conditions in both learning content and assessments. These components are mapped for your reference in each Learn for Work unit of competency.

Engaging learning content is developed for each Performance Criteria. Each Learn for Work unit also references a simulated workplace, where students and trainers can access forms, policies and procedures and other documents that relate to the unit. This way, if students don’t have a workplace from which to access this information, they can access it through the simulated workplace.

Our approach:

Our assessments are designed to give RTO’s flexibility to contextualise to the unique needs of their students, offering the option of completing assessment in student workplaces or simulated workplaces. Using our simulated assessments, we aim to help students walk into their first job in industry feeling confident and comfortable with typical workplace processes and protocols, so that they can focus on showcasing the industry skills and knowledge they’ve developed.

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