Learn for Work has customisation services available to ensure that our training and assessment resources can be adjusted to suit your specific training contexts and target audiences. Using our resource customisation services you can edit our learning content, assessment tools and marking guides, and add additional materials such as student guides, policies or case studies.

Customisation services are available for all Learn for Work printed and online training resources.

How it works

You provide us with a summary of the edits that you would like to be made, or the additional materials that you would like to add and we do the rest. We make sure that the finished products look great and that they maintain consistency across all of your training and assessment resources.

In most cases, we offer customisation services as a complimentary service. If we do charge for this service, we do so on a cost recovery basis only, and we provide you with a fixed price quotation for your approval before we start any work.

We can also format and print your resources for you.

Call us on 08 8294 4544 to discuss your resource customisation requirements.