Designed and developed by training and industry experts; Learn for Work training resources are unique, carefully crafted training and assessment materials.

Learn for Work training resources have a fresh look, are easy to use for learners and trainer/assessors, and are designed to produce superior student completion rates and employment outcomes.

Compliance, student engagement and trainer usability are the hallmarks of Learn for Work training products.

The Learn for Work SmartBook System allows learners and trainers to easily navigate their way around our products and to effortlessly differentiate between the various areas of learning.

Explanatory text, learning content and the assessments that relate to the learning content are very easy to identify. This makes learning less cumbersome, allowing learners to focus on their training.

Our simulated workplaces are available for all learners of Learn for Work clients so that they can access workplace documentation and other enterprise specific training resources. Our simulated workplaces are particularly useful for learners who don’t have access to a workplace.

Printed training resources

All Learn for Work printed training resources are available in high quality black & white and colour print. Our resources are wire bound and can be branded with your corporate logo.

Pricing from:

Black & White units: $14 +GST
Colour units: $22 +GST
Learning Guides and Trainer/Assessor Guides are the same price.

We can also print your resources for you.

eLearning training resources

All Learn for Work training resources are available online through our Learning Management System or yours.

The Learn for Work LMS is a Moodle system which integrates with most popular LMSs. We can also integrate with most popular Student Management Systems. Our LMS is hosted, maintained and supported by us 24/7/365 with uptime of 99.95%.

eLearning units: $10 – $14 +GST
eLearning Trainer/Assessor Guides are accessed within the LMS, free of charge.