Participate in sustainable work practices

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to measure, support and find opportunities to improve the sustainability of work practices.

The unit applies to individuals, working under supervision or guidance, who are required to follow workplace procedures and instructions. These individuals work in an environmentally sustainable manner within scope of competency, authority and own level of responsibility.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Unit Sector

Business Competence – Sustainability

Foundation Skills

This section describes those language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance but not explicit in the performance criteria.




  • Calculates basic metric measurements to determine resource usage


  • Recognises and interprets textual information to establish job requirements


  • Completes documents using required formats


  • Selects and uses appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with co-workers in range of work contexts
  • Collaborates and cooperates with others to achieve joint outcomes

Initiative and enterprise

  • Implements actions according to requirements, taking some responsibility for sequencing and timing of tasks
  • Analyses current practices to identify opportunities for improvement


  • Understands and adheres to legal and regulatory responsibilities related to own work


  • Uses main features and functions of digital tools to complete work tasks and access information

Unit Mapping Information

Supersedes and is equivalent to BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices.

Assessment Conditions

Skills in this unit must be demonstrated in a workplace or simulated environment where the conditions are typical of those in a working environment in this industry.

This includes access to:

  • documentation, information and resources on workplace environmental and resource efficiency
  • sustainability legislation, regulations and standards.

Assessors of this unit must satisfy the requirements for assessors in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.

Participate in sustainable work practices

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